“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”– Marsha Norman.



Bonjour/Ciao/Hello/Kon’nichiwa/Assalam O Alaikum/Namaste, my dear readers!

I am a writer, a self-taught artist, and an overall creative human being. Being an Engineering student who loves to read and write, I also have a strong passion for art. I’ve had a paintbrush in my hand since I was in diapers. Back in my school days, I loved writing stories and articles. After writing my first essay, and getting instant gratification of praise from my teachers and parents, I decided to continue this passion along with my studies. And soon, along with painting, writing became a new way for me to share my thoughts and passions.

Writing is the most purest and honest version of myself. I feel like writing is something which touches a lot of people including me, so you can say that my Word Press is a part of who I am. My writings reflect my personality just like my paintings define my soul. For that purpose, I have started this little blog in which I will put down my thoughts, feelings and ideas regarding different topics.

I consider myself very lucky to be able to work on something I love so much and interact with different people around me. That being said, in the upcoming days, I’ll put up something a bit more interesting than this welcoming note.

So here’s to hoping that you have an enjoyable read and you keep coming back for more. Thank you (Arigato gozaimashita) for stopping by the site.

Happy Reading! 🙂


Momal Khan

INSTAGRAM: onegirl.thousandjourneys